Boring introductions


I was put on a pony (a fat little Shetland called Sage, whose girth once split while he was being ridden!) when I was just two years old and I’ve never truly got off. As many of you equine readers will know, horse riding is a pretty all-consuming passion…and wallet draining expense!

I live in London (and have done all my life) so it’s been tricky balancing my love of all things horsey with carving out a life in the ‘Big Smoke’ (apologies for writing such a ridic cliché, but seemed like an appropriate cheesy phrase to use just then…) particularly when both aspects seem to enjoy pillaging my bank balance.

I was lucky enough to get a pony when I was 10 (more on that little shit head later!) so I’m well used to travelling down to Surrey on the weekend and spending my weekdays in London. I kept him at a local riding stables and I’ve always remain tied to the place (even after working for a year with screaming children and grumpy horses) and I now loan a horse from them that isn’t currently suited to the riding school.

So, where does that leave me now? I’m still traversing down to the countryside every weekend and squeezing in as much riding as possible, before working that 9-6 (bleak) life as a content writer in London (hopefully you’re not judging my writing too harshly on this blog…) And now I’ve started this blog to share my experiences – both the ups and the downs – of this part-time equestrian life. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to sob into my pillow about how much one sodding noseband costs…